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  • In the days of the early Hawaiians, the numbers of starfish in the reefs were far greater than they are today. This was probably due to the strict seasonal regulations on taking he'e that the royalty had in place. * The Hawaiian way is to value all creatures as having a rightful place in the ecosystem.
  • This carving of this starfish and reef is very detailed. *Necklace is fully adjustable from approximately 14 to 28 inches by means of two slipknots on the brown braided
  • Approx. 2" H x approx 1 1/4" wide, skillfully wrapped, on a 28" natural braided cotton cord necklace with bone bead adjustable sliding knot to any length you need.
  • Unisex design. * Made of cow or ox bone, no animals are harmed in the making of this necklace.


Along with the star, the starfish holds characteristics to include that of guidance, intuition, inspiration, brilliance & vigilance.

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