There are many different ways to wear a sarong. They are commonly wrapped around the waist and tied worn as skirts. For a more elegant look, it may be wrapped just under the shoulders to create a full length dress. Place the loose ends where you want the knot to be and tie it
The good news is there is no wrong way to wear a sarong or pareo, so be creative & make your own fashion statement. The great thing about sarongs or pareos are their versatility. For a wedding, choose a more elegant pattern. For a beach wrap pick something fun or that matches your swimsuit. 

When you aren't wearing them, use them at home as window coverings, tablecloths or a wall hanging to brighten your room.

Here are instructions for a few of our favorite styles.      


Step 1) Hold the sarong behind your back, just under your arm pit area with the opening in the front.
Step 2) Holding the top two ends tie them in a knot right above the bust area. Then let the ends hang loose. 

(Pic 1 -Below-To help secure it, thread each end through a separate hole in the coconut sarong buckle before tieing the knot, it will help to keep the knot secure) . Pic 2 below just takes the loose ends after tying the knot & tuck them in above the bust, but leave a little full if you want to enhance that area. 

Step 1)
 Hold the sarong behind your back, positioned at your waist.
Step 2) Tie the ends of the sarong fabric overhand once. (or thread each end through a sarong buckle)
Step 3) Tie the sarong again to form a knot. Reposition and fluff up the sarong ends so they fall nicely.

Step 1)
 Pull the ends of the sarong forward so that the material lies flat across your upper back. Keep ends even in length.
Step 2) Gather ends and tie once across your bust. Pull gently to secure.
Step 3) Twist the fabric & bring the ends up and over your shoulders.
Step 4) Tie behind your neck. Knot once if desired.                   
  Our buckles are the best tropical fashion accessory for your sarong. Designed for a simple and sassy look, there are two holes in each buckle to provide any sarong or pareo with added support. Made from coconut shells.
  • Works well with any of our wonderful ways to tie & secure the sarong / pareo.